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Xtep x Dylan Wang D.1 - Purple/White

Xtep x Dylan Wang D.1 - Purple/White

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D.1 limited basketball shoes make their grand debut
Fantasy purple interprets infinite possibilities
Xtep x Dylan Wang
Launching the first pair of co-branded limited edition basketball shoes - D.1 Let's explore the boundaries of basketball colors together

The main color of the shoe is purple
It has a cosmic feel like the night sky of a planet
Interpret infinite possibilities with the unknown and fantasy

Light and soft, keeping you stylish
The midsole uses XTEP ACE technology + embracing TPU structure
High resilience performance, continuous and stable output
Actual feedback is quick and sensitive

Midfoot Y-shaped TPU anti-torsion module
More stable sports protection performance
TPU surface uses spraying process, pearlescent effect
Very futuristic technology

Full of details, engraved with exclusive marks
The tongue has an asymmetrical design
The left foot is Dylan Wang’s personal D graffiti font.
The heel strap adds Dylan Wang’s English name DYLAN WANG font
Highlight Dylan Wang’s personal attributes
Exclusive imprint blessing, full of details

Comfortably wrapped, light on the feet, making every step easy

The large surface is made of dense mesh material, which brings durability and better meets the wearing needs of the season.

The whole palm is equipped with DYNAMICFOAMLITE technology for a more balanced field experience, with a rebound rate of 60%+

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Greta basketball shoe

Looks good, fits good and feels good. This D.1definitely exceeded my expectations.