Collection: Anta Klay Thompson Kt9

After a lapse of 4 years, in August 2023, Klay Thompson came to China again to start another trip to China. And this trip is not only for meeting fans, but also comes with an important mission.

On the "Klay" cruise ship carefully prepared by Anta for him, behind him is the night view of Shanghai's Bund buildings. Thompson turned the steering wheel and officially unveiled the new generation of KT9 basketball shoes!

As an out-and-out sailing enthusiast, the new KT9 references the shape of a yacht in appearance while continuing the streamlined design of the KT8.

In terms of technology, the full palm nitroedge technology and EVA side walls are already well-known "old friends".

There are two points to be emphasized this time. The first is the SMART S.A.M cushioning inlaid on the back palm, which has changed from the arc of KT8 to the circular structure of KT9, which increases the contact area with the foot.

For Thompson, who is good at shooting, this design can effectively enhance the shock absorption when landing after a jump shot and reduce knee pressure.

The second point is the industry's first innovative one-piece midsole stabilizer. Inspiration comes from bridge steel frame structure and pier design.

Together with the carbon fiber anti-torsion piece in the midfoot and the EVA side wall, it forms KT9’s exclusive 3D Flow support structure.

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