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The midsole uses Li Ning's "beng" flicking technology, and the material performance and midsole shape are further optimized to increase the cushioning feel by 19%. The top cushioning protection experience has been upgraded. Compared with traditional shock-absorbing materials, it is up to 50% lighter and has energy rebound of up to 80%. It gives your feet a strong sense of field and responsiveness, allowing full kinetic energy for explosive breakthroughs.
(Data from Li Ning Scientific Experiment Center)

Double lightweight breathable technology keeps the refreshing foot feeling online.
The upper uses BOOM FIBER silk upper technology. It combines lightness, toughness and durability. The breathability is 35% higher than that of ordinary MONO uppers. The overall design imitates the effect of denim denim, while adding a strap design to prevent the shoelaces from falling off and making the attack more flexible.

Also equipped with COOL SHELL: cool and breathable technology
Lightweight and breathable to reduce binding. The refreshing and comfortable foot feeling is continuously online, creating a light and agile step. It provides long-lasting refreshing feeling to the feet while maintaining the intense fighting.
(Data from Li Ning Scientific Experiment Center)

Stabilizing device supports and protects at all times
PROBARLOC stabilizing device provides effective support and protection for the arch of the foot. Reduce exercise wear and tear, and your fighting power will last longer. The transfer effect on the back of TPU imitates the shape of rushing waves and echoes the concept of freedom for all things.

TUFF OS technology cement floor "killer"
Some areas of the sole are made of blue translucent rubber. It feels like walking on the barefoot beach, creating a state of freedom and joy. Using TUFFOS high wear-resistant synthetic rubber, its wear resistance is 5 times higher than ordinary rubber. Combined with multi-texture design, it gives strong grip performance.

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