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Anta's lightweight defender basketball shoes for basketball fans: Light Crazy series. If people don't cherish it, Light Crazy's boyhood is over, the blood is rushing, and all attacks are light. Wanton assault on the court, not afraid of strong enemies and dare to compete.

Inspired by the shape of the fastest land speed-BLOODHOUNDSCC rocket car, the exaggerated sharp lines bring excellent visual impact.

A single shoe weighs only 360G, equivalent to the weight of three pairs of Anta basketball socks. Anta Light Crazy 4 is 100G lighter than Light Crazy 3, taking size 43 shoes as an example.

More closely
Forefoot thickness reduced by 10% (*43 size 20.9mm)
12.5% increase in torsional performance
37% increase in dry slip performance

Anta Light Crazy 4 adopts the equipment technology of the national team - nitroedge technology. At the same time, it brings high rebound performance, and the weight is greatly reduced, which is more close to the ground and helps to accelerate the start. Compared with ordinary EVA materials, nitroedge technology has an energy return rate increased by 82.6%. The higher the value of the energy regression rate, the better the rebound performance of the material.

It adopts twisted heddle woven upper, which integrates light weight/breathability/wrapping. Strengthen the stable wrapping of the upper, strengthen the anti-deformation ability of the shoe body, enhance the protection performance of the sneakers, and make the actual combat movement more comfortable and free. Lighter, more enveloping and more breathable. The breathable area of the vamp of frivolous 4 is larger than that of vamp of frivolous 3.

The family-style anti-rollover gene, the side wall adopts A-Shock stabilizer technology, and the streamlined flying wing TPU external shoe body covers a large area to enhance the stability of changing directions. The natural transition of the groove can effectively guide the force and conduct the wanton attack, flowing freely.
The support of the upper is increased by 35%, and the best TPU hardness is 75A.

Widened heel for improved stability.
Faster, better and smoother, the GOZONE mid-foot booster module can help smooth transition of steps, start breakthroughs, and speed up agilely.
The special-shaped TPU in the midfoot uses the same nylon material as KT7 to strengthen the anti-torsion piece, which runs through the front and rear palms, and partially turns up effectively, providing stronger propulsion and faster acceleration.

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