Collection: 361° Aaron Gordon AG4

Aaron Gordon's fourth-generation personal signature basketball shoes are designed with the fusion and explosion of cosmic energy, just like the balance concept of the AG series as always, incorporating Gordon's favorite elements such as dice. I hope that Gordon's career will go to a higher peak, and at the same time, he will not forget his original intention to maintain his own attitude, find a balance, and find his own realm.

Integrating various core technologies independently developed by 361°, product debugging is carried out according to the characteristics of the athlete's take-off force, which improves the fluency of force from touchdown to take-off, brings better force transmission, rebound and response speed, and improves Athletic performance on the field.

Full palm carbon critical technology, rebound more than 75% surging feedback, touch the ground with high bounce.

Full palm carbon critical technology, rebound 75%+

Auxiliary block
The special undulating shape of the midsole and rubber, combined with the SOAR PLATE front fork nylon propulsion plate, improves the rebound of the material, provides surging feedback than the bounce-off, and high bounce when touching the ground.

Upgraded upper, lightweight package
TPU+TPEE woven Zen heald upper is strong, light and not stuck, and at the same time guarantees the strength of the package to cope with the competition on the field.

Strong grip, no fear of numbness
The outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber with anti-slip texture to improve grip and stop and start at any time.

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