Collection: Anta Light Crazy 3

After the release of Anta KT7, Anta applied the top midsole cushioning technology, Anta Nitroedge Technology, to mid-range basketball shoes.

From Alien 3 to Splash 4 basketball shoes, Anta's mid-range basketball shoes equipped with Nitroedge Technology are constantly expanding. Anta has now exposed a pair of brand new basketball shoes Anta Light Crazy 3 equipped with Nitroedge Technology.

The upper part is designed with high-strength transparent mesh upper material. This new upper material can further improve the wrapping performance of the upper part on the basis of ensuring the overall breathability of the pair of sneakers.

In the arch of the foot, a large-area anti-torsion piece is designed, which is also good in terms of torsional performance.

On the upper part of the forefoot, the flying wing-shaped TPU module is designed to improve the support performance of this pair of sneakers and prevent the sneakers from turning over in actual combat.

The outsole part uses a rubber outsole supplemented by a classic herringbone pattern design to ensure the anti-slip performance and grip performance of this pair of sneakers in actual combat.

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