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On September 7, Klay Thompson witnessed the release of the new fifth-generation basketball shoe KT5 in Shanghai with Chinese media, KOL and hundreds of fans. A total of 5 million people watched the conference through live broadcast.

At the press conference, Robbie Fuller, creative director of Anta, shared the design concept of the fifth-generation basketball shoes with Thompson and Cai Zhiben.

Talking about the pixelated design elements of KT5, Robbie Fuller said: “At first, our American design team showed Thompson 500 manuscripts of KT5. Because these manuscripts were all pasted on the board, when viewed from a distance, they were densely packed like a lot of pixels together. Klay Thompson had an idea and proposed whether pixels could be added as an important element to the overall design. We all thought it was very good, so we have the current KT5”.

In addition to highlighting lightness and stability in terms of performance, KT5 continues the classic elements of the KT series in appearance, such as the streamlined outsole, TPU support, the ubiquitous "11" and signature, all highlighting its uniqueness.

The upper is made of A-WEB woven upper, and at the same time, a certain amount of hollowing is carried out to reduce weight, so as to ensure a little breathability while wrapping. The Velcro design provides the locking of the entire sneaker body, preventing the shoelaces from loosening after frequent running, reducing the sense of wrapping and the integrity of the shoe.

After a large enough TPU is used inside the heel, a TPU is also added on the outside as reinforcement for this pair of sneakers. The midsole is cushioned by Anta a-flashfoam, and a double-density midsole is used, so the rebound and cushioning limit will be significantly improved.

The arch part of KT5 has a visible TPU to provide support and anti-torsion. It is not a through design, but a combined design. Two midsole support plates are used on this pair of KT5. Two pieces of TPU, one on the entire midsole and one on the side arch support bottom part.

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