Collection: Li-Ning Jimmy Butler JB2

Carbon core system
Li Ning's new midsole flick technology system integrates the force-guided carbon plate and the "beng" material to release energy more comprehensively, improve landing rebound and start-up direction change speed, while ensuring mid-waist stability.

Li Ning GCU ground control system
It is lightweight, anti-slip and wear-resistant, providing stronger forefoot grip performance and helping to start quickly.

Carbon core system, "beng" starts, bottoming out
Li Ning's "beng" midsole flick technology is an innovative midsole material prepared through a supercritical fluid foaming process. The impact-type carbon fiber plate is integrated into the center of the midsole "beng" material, breaking the conventional basketball shoe carbon plate midsole application form, allowing the midsole material capabilities to be released more comprehensively. It improves the rebound after landing and the speed of starting direction change, helping players to attack more vigorously in increasingly fierce competitions and feel smooth on their feet.

Grip and prevent slipping, quick start
The forefoot uses GCU LOC technology, and the outsole uses HC LOC technology, which continues the first-generation anti-slip properties and is more wear-resistant. It has anti-skid performance, is more lightweight, and provides significant shock absorption effect to adapt to the sports needs of different venues. It has strong grip and creates excellent performance.

Li Ning’s “beng” silk technology makes every step smooth and satisfying
Li Ning "beng" silk yarn is made from Li Ning "beng" yarn. The density of "beng" silk yarn is only 1.04G/cm³, which is 17% lower than the density of human hair and 24% lighter than traditional MONO yarn. Inheriting the characteristics of lightness, toughness and durability, combined with more special weaving technology, it recreates the natural and transparent skills.

Independent TPU unit, stable and anti-rollover
The independent TPU unit at the heel, combined with the lateral one-piece TPU design, is like a sharp claw. It provides excellent support during the game, reduces sports losses, and improves performance on the field. It is light and comfortable, can attack strongly, and is not afraid of sudden stops and changes of direction on the field.

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