Collection: Anta Shock Quick Decision 5

In Anta's product camp, apart from Klay Thompson and Gordon Hayward's signature sneakers, Anta Shock The Game series is the most famous. Anta Shock The Game series has derived sub-series products such as Wave, Sweep, Heat Wave, Attack and so on. Recently, Anta officially launched the new Anta Shock The Game 5.0 Quick Decision 5 combat basketball shoes.

Forefoot part
The upturn design of the elliptical outsole material on the upper part of the forefoot is to improve the support performance of the upper of this pair of sneakers and avoid the phenomenon of the sneakers rolling over in actual combat.

Upper material part
The upper part of the basketball shoes is designed with a woven material with very good overall strength. The advantage of this upper material is that it is very wear-resistant and the service life of the upper material can be guaranteed.

For the heel part, Anta has made a 180-degree symmetrical TPU wrapping design. This TPU module has a triangular upper design on the inside and outside of the sneakers, which can improve the wrapping of the heel of the pair of sneakers. and support performance. The words "Quick Decision 5" are also printed on this TPU module, which directly indicates the identity of this pair of sneakers.

The midsole part "Quick Decision 5" adopts Anta's ALTI-FLASH midsole cushioning technology.

Outsole part
As a pair of basketball shoes positioned for actual combat in the outfield, the wear-resistant rubber material and the extremely rough outsole texture design ensure the wear resistance and grip performance of this pair of sneakers in actual combat.

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