Collection: Anta KT Splash 3.0

The upper is made of TPU yarn upper material, which ensures breathability and is more suitable for actual combat on the basketball court. The vamp features a detachable mesh strap. Enhances coverage of the foot when needed. Reduces foot binding when removed. The hot-melt film is added to the big toe to increase safety. The mandarin duck tongue design highlights the personality, and the heel TPU shoe body is more convenient to put on and take off.

Cushioning performance: The cushioning technology of ALTI-FLASH material in the whole palm provides excellent foot feeling and excellent cushioning.
Encapsulation: The vamp is supported by Velcro straps. After tightening the straps, the integration of the shoe and foot is perfect, and the position of the instep and the vamp are firmly tied together.
Torsion resistance: The A-Shock stabilizer anti-torsion configuration is used in the arch position, and the large arch support plate extends directly to the heel position.
Abrasion resistance and grip: The outsole with water ripples and thick rubber outsole design has excellent abrasion resistance.

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