Collection: Peak Taichi Flash 5

On September 12, 2023, the Xi'an Peak Flash 5 Sharing Conference was officially held. All the Peak fans and basketball enthusiasts at the scene witnessed the secret of Flash 5's "fast half-beat". Peak Basketball spokesperson Alvarado used the opportunity to interact with everyone at a sharing session during his trip to China.

Stability and flexibility, two opposing directions, how can we achieve a balance between them? The answer I gave is: half a beat faster
In the few tenths of a second that determines victory or defeat on the court. If you are too fast, you will easily lose control; if you are too slow, you will often miss the opportunity; if you are just right, it is the law of victory. Vision in half a beat, steals in half a beat, passing in half a beat...
Almost half a beat, just right
Almost half a beat, flash 5

Lateral protective wall: 1.2mm|65A hardness
The large area of lateral TPU extending from the toe to the heel provides strong lateral movement stability.

"Pallet" type anti-torsion plate
The high-strength TPU material comes with reinforced ribs to provide a smooth transition between the front and rear palms and overall enhance the stability of lateral movement.

High strength woven upper
Made of high-strength nylon TPU silk weaving, with a cross structure and hot-melt adhesive reinforcement, it provides a comfortable fit and excellent wrapping and support properties.

The inner and outer R angles of the sneakers are >90°, fully releasing the flexibility of the sneakers. The inner side is equipped with an upturned rubber multi-texture treatment, making multiple left and right direction changes more sensitive and neat.

The texture of the outsole is divided according to different force-generating positions to cope with complex movement changes, firmly grasping the ground and responding flexibly to changes in direction.

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