Collection: Anta Klay Thompson Kt1

The classic shape of the first generation returns, and the strength of the new Anta Nitroedge technology is added. The appearance retains the classic shape of KT1, equipped with Anta Nitroedge Technology, a new generation of midsole, front and rear soles with belly-filling nitrogen physical foaming, which has abundant elasticity and long-lasting energy supply. A more pure all-round combat basketball shoe.

Stomach-filling nitroedge technology on the front and back soles + rolling toe design. Anta's new generation of nitroedge technology has an energy return rate as high as 82.6%. The upturned toe design increases the rolling feeling of the shoe body and provides double support.

Hot-melt upper design + heel padding + cat tongue cloth non-slip treatment. Different areas are heat-melted, and the side of the ankle is bound by shoelaces to effectively adjust the side package.

The heel is filled with foam, and the cat's tongue on both sides of the ankle is treated to lock the ankle and improve the integrity of the shoe and foot. Multiple designs, flexible locking. Special crystal outsole formula, non-slip and wear-resistant. Partitioned multi-directional herringbone pattern provides strong grip feedback.

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