Collection: Li Ning Wade All City 9

Built-in through-type Li Ning "beng" midsole flick technology in the forefoot: energy feedback is as high as 80%, increasing boost force by 10%, 60% lighter than traditional E-TPU material, and reducing energy consumption by 27%.

The hollow design of the midsole effectively reduces the weight of the shoe body. The side support structure design of the shoe body improves the lateral support performance, stabilizes the feet, and allows for quick and agile steps.

Wear-resistant rubber outsole, combined with traction and anti-slip texture, can change direction and break through, sharp attack, and freely control the rhythm of the court.

The upper is made of multiple materials, giving it a rich texture. The collar material of the shoe is comfortable and fits well, shaping the dynamic performance on the court.

Anti-collision toe: The anti-collision design of the toe reduces toe collision and makes sports more enjoyable.

Heel strap: The heel strap design makes it easy to put on and take off the style.

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