Collection: Anta Light Crazy 2

The upper part of Anta Light Crazy 2 combat basketball shoes is designed with a new A-SHOCK FIBER material. Compared with the traditional mesh material and woven surface material, this brand-new upper material can ensure the overall breathability of the sneakers while making the upper both tough and strong.

For the forefoot part of the sneakers, Anta made a TPU+webbing design. This design is a bright spot: first, the TPU module has a buckle shape design, which is combined with the textured surface of the sneakers, so that it can well enhance the overall wrapping of the sneakers. In addition, this TPU support module can also improve the support performance of the upper part of the sneakers to a certain extent, avoid the phenomenon of the sneakers rolling over in actual combat, and then improve the overall safety performance of the sneakers.

The midsole of the sneakers is equipped with Anta's new ALTI-FLASH midsole cushioning technology, which brings good cushioning and rebound.

The midfoot part of the sneakers is equipped with Anta's new midfoot stabilization technology. The main function is to enhance the overall torsional performance of the sneakers. The outsole of this pair of sneakers is designed with a transparent wear-resistant rubber outsole to improve the wear resistance of the sneakers.

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