Collection: Anta Gordon Hayward GH Swoops 2

Anta has updated its third-generation Hayward signature sneaker. Recently, Hayward launched an exclusive line shoe, which is Anta's new second-generation swoops (měng pū) basketball shoes.

The appearance is similar to the Hayward 3, and the upper adopts a splicing design of various materials. The upper part of the midsole is designed with vertically arranged TPU modules, which improves the support performance of the shoes and prevents the shoes from rolling over in actual combat.

Equipped with A-FLASHEDGE technology midsole, excellent cushioning. The rebound brings excellent foot feel, and the court breaks more freely. Wear-resistant rubber, Anta's classic rubber outsole, with racing track patterns on the sole. Enhanced anti-skid and grip, no fear of field combat.

The lateral large-area TPU enhances the stability of the shoe during changes of direction and provides arch support at the same time. The upper inherits the strap locking design of the original GH3, and the ANTA LOGO is erected innovatively. Ingeniously integrated with TPU, the strap design brings a tight lock. Improve the integrity of shoes and feet, and help players change directions and break through.

Upper Features a high-strength sheer mesh upper for a firm wrap. Comfortable and breathable, assisting field combat.

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