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Anta Shock Wave 4 basketball shoes have been well received by the outside world for their comprehensive performance configuration and excellent appearance design. After Shock Wave 4, Anta Shock Sweep 4 also appeared, but its overall performance, especially its exterior design, has caused considerable controversy. Recently, the brand-new Anta Shock The Game Series Shock Attack 4 basketball shoes have also been exposed. It can be said that the climax of the release of this year's Shock The Game series of new products has officially arrived.

Cement Buster Outsole: Specially built for outfield combat, the wear-resistant and non-slip rubber outsole provides durable grip. Reliable protection without fear of field combat.

Equipped with A-SHOCK technology, the midsole has excellent cushioning, which brings excellent foot feel during rebound, and makes breakthroughs on the court easier.

The large-area lateral TPU enhances the stability of the shoe body during direction changes, and at the same time provides support for the arch of the foot, allowing players to change directions and break through.

The upper is made of engineered mesh material texture printed upper, comfortable and breathable to enhance the package to help summer combat.

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