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The NBA playoffs will officially start this weekend on April 14. With the end of the regular season and the end of the entire season, the major players are about to start their trip to China this summer. Hayward is the first Chinese star this summer, and Kelden Johnson and others are also expected to come to China this summer.

On April 18, 2023, Hayward started his China tour. His fourth-generation Anta signature shoes are now officially released. The configuration of Hayward 4 has been fully upgraded. The designer is Shen Zhaoxu, who is also the founder of the Shock Wave series, so there is no need to worry about the actual combat performance of this pair of shoes. The classic shape design is continued and improved, and it is Anta's excellent defender sneakers.

Continuing to use the iconic ANTA upward LOGO, the Harness Line is composed of four webbing traction lines running through the shoe body, giving golfers a customized dynamic wrapping experience. The heel EVA structure and Smart S.A.M system provide lighter and more stable packages and supports. With the blessing of Anta's full palm nitroede technology midsole, the cushioning and rebound performance is effectively improved, and the high-quality control performance of Anta Hayward 4 is guaranteed.

The overall performance has been verified by Anta Sports Science Laboratory, and the weight of the upper of Anta Hayward 4 is 22% lower than that of Hayward 3, and the light texture and wrapping properties have been fully improved. The lateral anti-slip ability and the rebound ability of the forefoot have increased by 16% and 7% respectively, providing stronger technical support for rapid direction changes. In addition, the double stability of the lateral and heel escorts the players to gallop on the court.

The details of the appearance constantly echo the inspiration track of Hayward's car, the heel hood of the shoe, the logo of Hayward's window, the texture of the honeycomb radiator, and the one-button start of nitrogen technology. In addition, the webbing system, the four-point hollow, and the design of the four dots on the sole all reflect the "4th generation" label. Hayward's personal signature and LOGO are located on the inside of the heel of the left and right feet respectively. The texture pattern on the bottom of the heel is designed by combining the map of Hayward's hometown of Indiana with the basketball. The "March 23 1990" printed on the factory nameplate is Hayward's own birthday.

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