Collection: Anta KT "The Mountain 2.0"

There are three levels of Zen, the first level is to see mountains as mountains. See mountains not mountains for the second level. Seeing mountains or mountains is the third level. Going out of the mountains and rivers, returning to the basics, is the way to see the mountains.

The mountain-shaped heel is surrounded by TPU, and the outer side of the midsole is made of large-area TPU, which extends to the forefoot, which enhances the stability of the shoe body when moving, and improves the anti-rollover by 35%.

The full palm A-FLASHEDGE stretch technology brings light rebound and comfortable foot feeling. 70% energy return rate, the energy return rate is 70%, which is 16% higher than ordinary EVA.

The A-FLASHEDGE mountain shape is surrounded by TPU, and the water wave wear-resistant outsole. The trinity constitutes the Jianshan second-generation cushioning system, and the excellent cushioning helps your court experience.

High-strength mesh upper, using high-strength mesh upper material, taking into account support and breathability. The second-generation dynamic binding system adopts the dynamic binding system, which can dynamically fit the instep and improve the wrapping of the upper.

Technology stacking ≠ weight increase, a single shoe of size 43 weighs 413g.

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