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Holding the ball, accelerating, leaping, rising, flying. Leaping over the defense and smashing the basketball, landing confidently, coupled with the wild roar of victory, makes people's blood swell and become a shining star on the court.

The surging rebound makes me want to jump when I put it on
The energy return rate is as high as 82.6% thanks to the front and back stomach-filling nitric technology. Specially adjusted according to basketball sports, it is lighter, more elastic and more durable. The first step to jump starts with a surge of power, making it easier and higher on the court.

Smooth take off and smooth landing
Multiple system design, flexible locking, adaptable to high-intensity court actions, making it more comfortable to do whatever you want on the court.

The use of a bouncing shoe shape provides a more enveloping fit than traditional shoe shapes, and the 5MM front and rear heel drop provides more direct grounding feedback than the traditional 10MM, promoting players to fully take off and exert force.

Classic wear-resistant outsole formula, non-slip and wear-resistant. The forefoot take-off force area is specially strengthened to provide strong grip feedback without fear of the venue. Just attack with all your strength on the court.

Front fork TPU shape, midfoot anti-torsion, smooth transition.

Dynamic package jumps freely
The HARNESS LINE locking system is used in the key force-generating area of the midfoot, with a high-strength drawstring on the outer layer and a 270° surrounding tightening belt. Just pull gently and the package locks into place in one step.

Circum-cut upper fits the forefoot better. ANTA’s classic LOGO is placed to improve rollover prevention performance.

The heel is filled with foam to lock the ankle and prevent the heel from falling off. The tongue is filled with foam to provide a comfortable package while improving the integrity of the shoe and foot.

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