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Spencer Dinwiddie x 361° DVD2 - 龙行龘运

Spencer Dinwiddie x 361° DVD2 - 龙行龘运

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龙行 "龘" 运: A Spring Festival story, choosing the word "龘" as the main inspiration. "龘" has the meaning of flying dragon in the sky and positivity. 龙行 "龘" 运, and the classic red color is chosen as the main color. It is the theme of this season's story, highlighting the meaning of hope and good luck.

Spencer Dinwiddie 361° Smoothie King

Dinwiddie is the spiritual leader of the team. Organization, impact, shooting, he can do it all. "Ding Ju", who is not afraid of danger and is born for big scenes, can always step forward at critical moments and create surprise moments for fans.

"Tough" and "elastic" twin engines, quick and agile attack:
Tough ENRG-X
The E-tough frame provides a "tough" foot feel and provides sufficient shock-absorbing stability during left and right lateral movements.

Elastic QU! K
The belly-filling carbon criticality provides a practical experience of "elastic" and gives a sufficient sense of propulsion when making forward and backward straight movements.

Strong fit on the shoe upper, ready to start sharply at any time
TPU yarn woven upper improves breathability and support performance. The material is softer, the package is tighter, and the fit is stable to cope with the ever-changing situations on the court.

Nylon anti-torsion piece, stable support
The nylon anti-torsion piece in the arch of the foot provides stable support and stronger torsional rigidity. It improves force transmission and makes high-speed movements more stable.

The outer TPU covers the heel, reinforcing lateral support and stability, and improving lateral protection.

A close-to-the-ground attack that runs through the entire field
The drop difference between the front and rear palms is ~6.5mm, which provides a strong sense of the field and balances ground contact and cushioning.

A new binding system, the shoelaces drive the inner boots, making the wrapping area larger and easier to adjust, just like a racing seat belt, greatly improving the overall locking.

Strong grip, adaptable to multiple venues
Wear-resistant and anti-slip rubber outsole, similar tire pattern design, echoes the "sense of speed" design inspiration of the shoe. It has strong grip and is suitable for many venues.

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