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Peak Taichi Surging Big Triangle 3.0 Pro - Cherry Blossoms

Peak Taichi Surging Big Triangle 3.0 Pro - Cherry Blossoms

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Since its return in 2021 with new technology upgrades, it has always been positioned as an all-round style for basketball teams. Every iterative update is moving towards higher heights. This time the Grand Triangle series has evolved into the 3.0 era and will continue to be launched in dual versions. The demand segmentation is clearer and the product personality is clearer. The first one to debut is the Peak Triangle 3.0.

What does it mean to be all-around? Not only must he have excellent football skills, but he must also be extremely handsome. Maintain a stylish attitude at all times, both on and off the field. If you want to become the MVP of the court outfit, you can do it in one step with the Big Triangle 3.0.

Plenty of soft elasticity, providing unlimited power
The midsole uses one mold and double density technology, superimposed on the forefoot P-SOON high-elastic module, which balances the smooth transition from front to back, increases durability, and provides a dynamic foot feel at all times.

Easily handle and control the situation steadily
The large-area special-shaped TPU support piece in the midfoot and the encircling TPU in the heel protect every breakthrough and landing, so you can take every step with confidence.

Bionic design, improved experience, everywhere
The bionic outsole pattern is distributed according to the natural force of the foot, and has high anti-slip performance, making foot movements smoother and more agile.

Lightweight package, flexible and flexible
PEAK SURFACE's newly upgraded upper system is composed of a single-piece upper on the outside, elastic mesh inside, and an upper on the inside. The overall fit and package is tighter and more comfortable.

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Customer Reviews

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Brandon Hughes
Just right !

Very comfortable shoe. I have wide feet and these are plenty wide