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Peak Andrew Wiggins Big Triangle 1.0 - Cherry Blossoms

Peak Andrew Wiggins Big Triangle 1.0 - Cherry Blossoms

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The cherry blossom color is a classic color in Peak's basketball series. Peak Andrew Wiggins Big Triangle 1.0 "Cherry Blossoms" is presented in pink with red embellishments in the details. Cherry blossoms are sweet and romantic, and they also represent nobility and purity. I hope you can maintain hope and vitality, play every game well, and live well every day!

PEAK-TAICHI self-adaptive technology provides smooth landing cushioning and corresponding resilience with "zero time difference". When you walk slowly: The molecules separate from each other like bare feet on a sponge. When you're running fast: Molecules interlock and lock together to give you a springback feel.

Full palm P-POPUP Peak "surging" technology, size 42 "big triangle" weighs only 387g ultra-light material, provides light and quick start, has sufficient energy feedback and rebound feeling.

The large-area high-strength carbon plate strongly improves the torsion resistance of the arch of the foot, and increases the rigidity and stability of the entire shoe body. The fiber material is both lightweight and can effectively transfer the force of the front and back palms.

The shoe body uses Peak seamless technology, connecting the shoelace system with different materials at the heel, superimposed to enhance the locking of the ankle. The shoelace system is located on the inside to enhance the sense of wrapping, light and beautiful while enhancing the integrity of the shoe and foot.

MONO yarn blend upper
It has stronger strength, toughness and bending resistance while ensuring support. The lightweight tongue is matched with air holes to reduce weight and improve air permeability.

Surface system
Peak independently developed a new and upgraded Surface system to improve the forefoot package in an all-round way.

side wall support system
The toe cap extends to the midfoot with a large area of TPU for lateral support, enhancing support and protection.

Anti-roll angle
Widening the anti-rollover angle of the forefoot separately designed to enhance support and protection.

Non-slip rubber outsole
The texture of the sole is updated on the basis of the original big triangle, reshaping and using the evolution of the triangle symbol, and the design of different contact positions, which is both anti-skid and wear-resistant.

upturned sole
The sole pattern on the inside of the forefoot is turned up, increasing the contact area to provide frictional power for breakthroughs in disguise.

arch support
The surging technology material at the arch of the foot is turned up to provide arch support, reduce power loss on the field, and greatly improve comfort. Satisfy the stability required for every disguise and breakthrough.

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