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Li-Ning Speed 10 - White/Blue

Li-Ning Speed 10 - White/Blue

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The first step to be faster than anyone else, launch the attack with the latest generation of Speed: Li Ning Speed 10

Li Ning's "䨻" midsole flick technology has further optimized the material performance and midsole shape to support rebound and overcome gravity. The cushioning feel is improved by 19%.

Compared with traditional shock-absorbing materials, it is up to 50% lighter and has an energy rebound of up to 80%, giving you a surging feeling on your feet and full kinetic energy, making you one step faster.

The upper tightening and hugging system enhances the stability of the shoe body.
Equipped with the SOLID SYSTEM upper tightening and hugging system, it is an adjustable upper hugging device. The hugging position includes the forefoot and arch. The wearer can adjust the tightness of the hugging according to needs to improve the fit and comfort, and provide a strong attack. Don’t be afraid of sudden stops and changes of direction on the field.

Double layer anti-torsion, providing strong support and protection
The PROBAR LOC stabilizing device is embedded in the arch of the midsole and connects the forefoot and heel. It is combined with special-shaped TPU to improve the toughness of the forefoot, providing effective support and protection for the arch to stabilize the movement gait, strike quickly, and turn to attack at any time.

Dual anti-slip and wear-resistant technology can calmly cope with various venue challenges
Li Ning's GCU LOC ground control system significantly improves wear resistance by 5 times and improves anti-skid performance by another 13%.

Equipped with HC LOC honeycomb grip and anti-slip technology
Compared with traditional rubber, the weight is reduced by 55%, while the grip and anti-slip performance is improved by 13%, providing a lighter wearing experience. It can make emergency stops and change directions at any time, and hit the racing point with all its strength.

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Customer Reviews

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It is a gift that went over well.

No dislikes. The likes are the color the sturdiness, the support. My son picked them out. He knew who wore these sneakers brand in the NBA etc