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Li-Ning CJ•McCollum CJ3 - Pelicans Home

Li-Ning CJ•McCollum CJ3 - Pelicans Home

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CJ3 Rhythm Master - Li-Ning Basketball CJ McCollum signature shoe series
Li-Ning CJ•McCollum CJ3, performing McCollum’s stadium melody
Inspired by the conductor's waving trajectory in the air, the beautiful staff and smart notes are brought to the stadium, and the rhythm master comes on stage to perform.

Inserted carbon plate in the midsole: Improves force conduction in the midfoot and assists running throughout the field.
Full-length "Lei" flick technology: quick start, providing better cushioning and rebound performance, giving a more comprehensive practical foot feel.
Li-Ning GCU Ground Control System: Comprehensively improves the wear resistance and traction of the outsole to control the court and start and stop freely. Full score for flexible attack status
The whole palm is equipped with Li Ning's "Lei" technology, which enables quick activation of the forefoot and cushioning and rebound of the rear palm. The forefoot cushioning is increased by 21% and the rebound is increased by 3%. Compared with CJ2, the explosive performance allows the dribbling rhythm to be more unexpected.
A carbon plate is inserted into the midsole to improve force conduction in the midfoot.
Make every effort just right when running throughout the court, fearless of challenges, and easily set off an offensive frenzy.
*Data comes from Li Ning Scientific Sports Experiment Center

Stable support, easy to change
The forefoot is wrapped with a large area of TUP to improve midsole stability and lateral anti-rollover performance.
The LIGHT FOAM PLUS frame at the heel stabilizes the shoe body for court variations, allowing you to move as you please.

Grip the ground to prevent slipping and control the entire field
Full-length GCU ground control system, full-length GCU lightweight grip rubber is applied to the outsole, which comprehensively improves wear resistance and anti-slip grip. Easily cope with the test of multiple scenarios, prevent the battle situation from getting out of control, and achieve strong performance.

Breathable upper, smooth and full of style
The upper is made of breathable mesh material, which is lightweight and comfortable and wraps your feet. The refreshing foot feeling is instantaneous, and the energy on the field is released to the fullest.

The color matching of the city version of the jersey releases the momentum of the home court
The shoe body is made of navy blue, ancient gold and red, the colors of the New Orleans city flag, echoing the details of the jersey, naming the home city, highlighting the home spirit, eye-catching and energizing.

Tribute to C McCollum
CJ's exclusive signature is printed on the side of the shoe, paired with the round CJ jersey number "3", full of details and constant surprises.

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