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Dragon Ball Super x Anta Men's “Frieza”

Dragon Ball Super x Anta Men's “Frieza”

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With a great number of underlings at his command, this emperor of the universe attacked,occupied, and/or destroyed a large number of planets. He once invaded Planet Namek in order to gain immortality from the power of the Dragon Balls, but Goku defeated him once he awakened to his Super Saiyan powers.

After several years, however, Frieza is resurrected by some of his scheming former underlings. He achieves a further evolution, and shows up once again to face Goku and pals!!

1. The upper is made of large mesh engineering mesh, which is suitable for summer sports.
2. Shock and rebound: EVA midsole + A-Shock material.
3. The sole is concave design, reducing weight and non-slip.

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