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D'Angelo Russell x Li Ning Wade Shadow 5 - Buzzer Beater

D'Angelo Russell x Li Ning Wade Shadow 5 - Buzzer Beater

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The wonderful memories of the last dance in 2019 accompanied Dwyane Wade’s induction into the Hall of Fame. It was evoked again during the China trip, flashing back to Shanghai on August 24, 2023, and the classic moment was recreated again. Hit the board with one hit, and the new Wade series team basketball shoes were exposed in advance.

Li Ning brand and Wade jointly present: WADE SHADOW 5
The performance is balanced and the design is consistent, helping D'Angelo Russell continue to polish himself and improve his performance on the field during the offseason.

Triple cushioning, all-around experience
Full-length "beng" flick technology insole
Midsole hollow structure
Full palm cloud PLUS technology midsole

Surrounding TPU provides support and protection
The surrounding TPU design runs through the shoe body, providing effective support and protection for the arch of the foot, stabilizing the gait and preventing rollover. Attack quickly and turn to attack at any time.

Li Ning GCU ground control system can calmly cope with various site challenges
Compared with the gold outsole, GCU LOC technology greatly improves the wear resistance by 5 times and improves the anti-slip performance by 130%.
The special design of the thumb area of the forefoot is more suitable for breakthrough and power in basketball. Stop and change direction at any time and hit the match point with all your strength.

Equipped with full-length "beng" flick technology insoles
Balanced performance and thorough design. Surging rebound, strong kinetic energy. Stable cushioning and flexible start. Activate all-round athletic performance.

The upper is made of thickened mesh material, which is not afraid of the test of the winter court.

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roger patin
Great basket ball shoes

These we got for our son and they work perfectly for basketball.They look very clean and need to be maintained regularly.