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Anta Shock The Game 5.0 Crazy Tide 3.0 - Platinum Rice Balls

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TPU lifting ring, three-dimensional lifting ring, easy to lift the tongue, quickly enter the fighting state. The heel is filled, and the soft material is covered by thermoplastic film, which strengthens the heel lock while taking into account the comfort, further improving the sports performance. Lateral TPU, upper and lower connection type TPU, strengthen the overall package of the shoe body and the lateral support of the upper, and the side openings take into account the breathability of the upper. A-FLASHEDSE, including 25% TPE village quality, has been tested and improved to greatly improve the cushioning and resilience performance, and at the same time, the anti-attenuation performance is also greatly improved. CARBON FIBER high-strength and high-toughness grind fiberboard, while providing strong anti-torsion performance, improves the transmission of front and rear palm force, improves the integrity of the shoe body, and enhances the sense of the sneaker.