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Anta Men's Kt5-Remix “Klay Theism” Colorful

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KT5-Remix (left foot): The upper adopts the classic KT3 ROCCO limited color matching; the midsole and straps extract KT2 PIN KRIBBON shoe body color; the shoelaces extract KT4 XMAS shoe lace color; the heel extracts KT2 SECRET POWER color; the inner TPU extracts KT4 IMPREGNABLE color matching;

KT5-Remix (right foot): KT3 BLACK PANTHER color is extracted; KT1 OBSIDIAN color is extracted from heel; KT3 THE 3RD JERSEY color is extracted from shoelace hole; KT4 is extracted from shoe upper
BLACK CAMO color matching; followed by LOGO to extract KT1 ALL STAR GAME color matching, TPU to extract KT2 BIRTHDAY color matching.

1. Extract the inner TPU of KT5.
2. KT5 crystal sole + KT2 sole texture
3. KT3 classic strap design.
4. KT1 followed by TPU.