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Anta Klay Thompson Kt6 - Noodle Soup

Regular price $214.66

Anta has recently launched several pairs of food-themed sneakers. This pair of ANTA KT6 is based on the theme of Japanese soup ramen. "汤" also echoes Thompson's name.

The straps on the upper are printed with patterns of Japanese ramen, barbecued pork, fish plate soft-boiled eggs and other delicacies. They are all ingredients that often appear in Japanese ramen. Turquoise laces, which are also modeled after the color of green onions.

The 3D Hug surrounds the midsole of the basketball shoes, using the pattern of the Japanese ramen bowl. On the heel is the word "汤" that echoes the theme, so that people who like ramen can't help but want to have a bowl of hot ramen.

The torsion resistance of the carbon plate enhances the torsion resistance of the midfoot.

70% rebound rate of ALTIFLASH outsole, better energy feedback.

SMART S.A.M, smart molecules absorb shock and reduce impact.