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Anta Men's Klay Thompson Kt5 Pet Dog Rocco

Anta Men's Klay Thompson Kt5 Pet Dog Rocco

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As the league's top shooter, he needs to rely on his flexible walking position and footsteps to get his hands-on skills, so Clay's first requirement for his boots is lightness. And this KT5 is very sophisticated in the choice of materials. The A-WEB all-flying woven upper and the outer midsole are wrapped with special material engineering mesh, which can ensure that it is light enough in actual combat. On the other hand, stability is also essential for an excellent shooter. For this reason, KT5 uses two pieces of TPU for double torsion resistance. The new strap structure can also provide a stronger package.

1. Lightweight and stable heel.
2. A-Flashfoam cushioning midsole.
3. A-WEB integrated woven shoe upper.
4. Fully wrapped design straps.

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