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Anta Men's Klay Thompson Kt5 High "Hollywood"

Regular price $149.00

Before the start of the NBA 2018-19 season, Anta launched the brand new KT5 signature boots designed by former adidas designer Rob Fuller. KT5-Klay doctrine continues the classic elements of the KT series in appearance, such as the streamlined outsole, TPU support, and the Klay elements that can be seen everywhere, all highlighting its uniqueness; the visual collocation is more prominent Unknowable sense of the future; the most eye-catching thing is the pixelated design language, which is also the biggest difference between KT5 and the previous 4 generations. The shoe body is full of details, inheriting classics and expressing good personality.

This Hollywood color matching, the shoe body is presented with black and white Hollywood print graffiti decoration, giving people a kind of old and retro charm as a whole. A large velcro design is added to the laces, which effectively improves the overall wrapping and makes the shoes quite textured.