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Anta Men's Klay Thompson Kt4 “Changsha Stinky Tofu”

Regular price $169.99

Before the start of the NBA 2018-19 season, Anta launched the brand new KT4 signature boots designed by designer Rob Fuller. This time KT4 uses the highly acclaimed A-FLASHFOAM midsole technology previously equipped on Anta running shoes. Lightning Technology will absorb a lot of impact when it hits the ground with cushioning shock, and it has a good experience on soft bombs. Compared with kt3, the upper of kt4 is also greatly improved, adopting a new woven upper to strengthen the package and support.

1.A-WEB upper.
2. Hollow TPU heel.
3. Side TPU.
4. Flashfoam midsole.
5. Embedded TPU.
6. Wear-resistant non-slip outsole.

Customer Reviews

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Tony Stevens

I have neuropathy in my feet and plantar fasciitis as well as irritation to the tendons on top of my feet. So, finding shoes that are comfortable is always a challenge. Plus, I’m a 14.
I got these today and they are brilliant! They look good, they feel great, very comfortable with built in arch support as well. And of course the price was fantastic.
I’ll get more in other colors. Enjoy