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Anta Gordon Hayward GH2 Low - Black/Golden

Sale price $139.99 Regular price $189.99

As a GH2 sneaker designer, Dunn incorporated his best music elements into sneaker creation. Under his ingenious ideas, tiger palms, tiger stripes, and tiger teeth are turned into rhythmic beats, seamlessly integrated into the design of GH2. This pair of shoes uses black as the main color to cover the body of the shoe. The tiger pattern TPU on the side of the shoe is matched with black and gold transparent material. The golden Anta logo is embellished in it to enhance the recognition. Finally, it is embellished with gold to complete the details of the shoe.

1. "Huya" TPU provides sufficient lateral support and stability on the side of the sneaker.
2. ALTI-FLASH cushioning technology, high rebound rate.
3. Huya TPU, connected to the lacing system, provides midfoot locking.
4. Anti-torsion TPU in the foot, Indiana pattern, improve the anti-torsion in the foot.
5. Tiger palm outsole, tiger palm texture, quick start and stop.