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Anta Men‘s Star Peak “问鼎” High Basketball Shoes

Regular price $229.99

[Anta Star Peak] series design concept comes from the Tang Dynasty painter Zhang Cao's artistic creation theory of "external teacher fortune, the heart source", the beauty of nature through the "elephant invisible" aesthetic principle, transformed into this shoe model Design element. "Mountain impermanence": Different areas of the shoe body adopt different mountain shapes, and contemporary sculpture techniques are used to create a unique three-dimensional layered shape; the overall product highlights the natural functional beauty and conveys the artistic conception of layers of peaks and ridges and rockery. The full-length carbon plate provides stability against torsion, and the sole will be deformed when the direction is changed greatly or when running. The carbon plate can control the deformation at this time and damage the sole of the foot. Nitrogen-accelerated technology materials are built into the sole. The nitrogen-accelerated supercritical foam material has a rebound rate of more than 25% higher than that of ordinary EVA, providing instant energy feedback and rapid rebound.