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Anta Klay Thompson Kt9 - Captain's Log

Anta Klay Thompson Kt9 - Captain's Log

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Anta Klay Thompson Kt9 "Captain's Log", inspired by Thompson's favorite sailing sport, incorporates elements such as captain's uniform, olive leaves, and sailing diaries.

Suspension Binding System
Drawing lessons from bridge suspension structures

Smart molecular shock-absorbing technology

ANTA Nitroedge Technology
Full-length high-energy rebound boost

One-piece midsole stabilizer
Carbon fiber plate and heel TPU frame integrated injection molding smooth force transmission and integrity of the midsole

A-FLASHEDGE side wall
Flexible lateral support

Oak Root Inspired Shading
Multi-directional anti-slip grip

X=stable support

Large area EVA side wall
3D printing mold creates lateral, EVA anti-rollover side walls, bringing a flexible protection experience

Multi-directional anti-slip texture
Oakland oak inspired rubber pattern, multi-directional anti-slip grip

Y=smooth transition

One-piece midsole stabilizer
It provides smooth force conduction and excellent support when the heel lands. Compared with the traditional glue bonding process, it has better integration and strength, and it is more environmentally friendly without the need for glue.

Z=Quick take off

Through the midsole of the heel, it brings a more direct cushioning experience and brings strong cushioning for emergency stops

Full palm Anta nitroedge technology
Lighter, more elastic and more durable, with high rebound and quick take-off.

KT is the lightest in history
KT9 uses a large number of lightweight materials, and without affecting the overall strength, it reduces the amount of materials through the hollow structure, making it the lightest sneaker in KT history.

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