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361° Big3 5.0 Quick Pro- Purple/云涌

361° Big3 5.0 Quick Pro- Purple/云涌

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The "MIRO" color is an old friend, inspired by the chestnut-throated bee-eater in the nature reserve next to the 361 Degree Building.

BIG3 5.0 QUICKBig3 5.0 Quick makes its debut, continuing BIG3’s speed-first design language. Made for little quickies and defenders. Helps to start quickly and promote the rhythm of the whole game.

Package improvement: upgraded to twisted heddle woven upper for strong support
Cushioning improvement: E tough technology + carbon critical insole, comfortable cushioning
Stable improvement: TPU hemming + anti-torsion piece turned up to improve stability

Adaptation: breakthrough, small and quick play style. Strong contact with the ground, low center of gravity and light weight.
The drop of the forefoot keel is about 6mm, <the height of the forefoot keel is about 14mm, and the height of the rear palm keel is about 20mm>

Package upgrade, strong support, twisted heddle woven upper
The upper is upgraded to a twisted heddle woven upper. Outstanding strength, improved support and wrapping performance, to cope with fierce competition on the field.

Quick response, rapid breakthrough
The "ENRG-X E tough" technology in the midsole is stronger, responds quickly, and improves the stability of the midsole. Start quickly and make breakthroughs.

Carbon Critical Technology Insole
Improve the cushioning limit of the midsole and increase upper foot comfort.

Close-to-the-ground raid, maximum sense of field
The midsole curvature is optimized, the transition is more rounded, and it is more suitable for large-scale disguise. Dance close to the ground and leave your opponents behind.

Hard wear-resistant rafter rubber, strong grip, stable and durable
The outsole is made of hard wear-resistant rubber, adaptable to various indoor and outdoor venues, and provides strong grip. Start at any time and be one step ahead.

Large area TPU midsole hemming
Improve midsole stability and anti-rollover protection, and improve lateral support.

Sole anti-torsion piece plus flip design
Improve the overall torsion resistance level and stabilize the arch of the foot.

The midsole is equipped with "ENRG-X E tough" technology, with a rebound of 65%+, and is equipped with a supercritical insole for comfortable cushioning. Large-area TPU edging + sole anti-torsion piece turned up to improve lateral support, midsole stability and rollover prevention. The BIG 5 logo with a sense of speed highlights the "small and fast" characteristics. At the same time, it is combined with TPU to enhance lateral support and perfectly integrate functionality and appearance.
The upper is made of TPU yarn twisted heddle woven upper, which has outstanding strength and improves the support and wrapping performance of the upper.

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