Collection: Anta Shock Wave 3

This year is the fifth year of "Shock The Game ", and this pair of Wave 3 (Anta Shock The Game 5.0 Shock Wave 3) naturally becomes the "burning agent" of "crazy fire". Designer Shen Zhaoxu instills his own style and refers to the design of the previous Wave series. On the basis of the overall aesthetics, the "actual combat texture" is given to Wave 3.

Judging from the upper, the double -layer upper of the toe, the hard fabric material upper, and the outer PP film reinforcement. In order to better meet the actual combat needs of summer, there are a lot of breathable holes in the inner layer of the upper to ensure support and breathability. There is a large area of TPU on the outside of the shoe body, suture several stress points with the shoe body, which will improve the supporting performance of the shoe body while not affecting the breathability.

The midsole of these shoes uses a new A-Flash Edge cushioning technology, which contains 25%TPE material. It can be understood as an upgraded version of Alti-Flash, and the foot feel and durability have improved.

It is worth mentioning that the front and middle bottom of the front palm are turned upwards, and the A-Shock Stablizer stabilizer module is used to ensure the anti-flip performance of the sneakers.

As a summer practical sneaker, the outsole configuration of the Wave 3 is excellent. The first is Anta's exclusive wear-resistant outsole. Then the deepened sole texture, wear resistance and grip are very good!

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