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Wade, who is about to turn 37 years old, will announce his retirement after this season. Wade said that this year will be his last NBA season. Li Ning Wade 7 may become his swan song in the NBA.

"7" represents "luck", seven days a week, endless loop. In a flash, Wade and Li-Ning brands have had an intersection for 7 years, and the two sides are very close, which also wrote a perfect ending for Wade's career.

Li Ning Way of Wade 7. In terms of packaging and appearance, the toe is made of laminated TPU. The imitation leather material feels very good in texture and is easy to take care of. The upper adopts a half-shoe-cover design, and a few air holes are added to the toe cap. There is a gap between the shoe cover and the actual upper to achieve ventilation.

There is also a small design. Its air hole is made with a V and two bars, which means 7 in Roman numerals, representing the seventh generation of Way Of Wade. There is a Wade Way logo in the middle of the toe, and different colors use different materials.

The shoe body is made of woven material, and the embroidery process is used as an embellishment. There is a rubberized design at the position of the shoe hole, and the shoe hole is made of a material similar to a metal buckle.

The tongue is very thick, and the sponge filling will not feel the pressure on the instep. There are pull loops on the tongue and heel respectively for easy wearing. The shoe body itself uses a half-boot design, which can firmly lock the feet so that there will not be too much deformation during movement.

Li Ning does not hesitate to use materials for the upper and sole support. The large carbon plate on the rear foot guarantees the support of the upper, and the deformation of the upper is less when the direction is simply changed, and you will feel very stable after putting on your feet. The front and back palms are separated, and a layer of full carbon plate is used in the middle to support it. The support and torsion resistance can even give full marks.

The texture of the sole uses cutting technology, which is convenient for the flexibility of the forefoot, and the grip is also very good.

The insole is very thick and soft and the heel is thickened. The cushioning of Wade 7 uses Li Ning's midsole cloud technology, traditional B+C bounce and 䨻 (beng) technology, which brings a good cushioning experience.

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