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Lu Xiaojun Professional Weightlifting Shoes / Squat Shoes - White

Sale price $216.66 Regular price $236.66

Inspired by Anta's customized shoes for Lu Xiaojun's competition, this is the professional version. Now released by Lu Xiaojun's own brand. There is no Anta logo on the body of the shoe. Technical modifications are made on the basis of Anta X Lu Xiaojun's customized version.

The sole uses patented super wear-resistant rubber new material.

The arch position adopts the technology of human foot arch structure to provide support and stability.

Reduce the impact by about 30%, imitating the structure of the human foot arch, absorbing a certain amount of impact.

Note: There are slight differences between weightlifting shoes and ordinary basketball shoes, for more accurate, we suggest you measure the length of your feet.(Note: It is the length of the foot not the length of the shoe)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Xander Boogaert
Great shoe

After 1 month of use im really happy with this shoe.
For me its true to size (metcon 8) eu 42.

Steven Schedin
 Great Shoe (Will Buy Again)

I love these shoes. I get excellent squats and deadlifts wearing these.
I use them once a week.

Jeff G.
love these

these are my first weighylifting shoes and i love them. super comfy and fit my feet perfectly

Very comfortable

Anta delivered on these shoes! These shoes not only fit great, but they are extremely comfortable even after several hours of being on your feet. I ended up buying a second pair a few days after receiving the first pair with a different color scheme.

The best I've tried

These fit snugly which is perfect for me. The extra velcro makes the shoes feel more secure while also containing the shoelaces so they are not flapping around or getting untied. I tried the other and they fit really weird in the toebox and every step hurt my feet. Not these!