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Anta 2 National Team Professional Weightlifting Shoes / Squat Shoes - Red

Regular price $350.00

The sole uses A-Wearable patented super wear-resistant rubber new material.

The arch position uses Anta A-FORM technology, which is a technology derived from the structure of the human foot arch to provide support and stability.

Reduce the impact by about 30%, imitating the structure of the human foot arch, absorbing a certain amount of impact.

The upper has a strap design, which is called the TALOON gripping system, and the two Velcro firmly lock the instep.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great shoe

I like the quality. I use the shoes for weight lifting.

arthur m.
Great shoe for the price

Love these shoes, have had them for a year. I use them once a week for heavy squatting. Not boasting simply for reference I'm maxing my squat at 565 lbs, and in one year the wear and tear has been minimal. I am starting to see the sole split in the heel and the insole has begun to slide up after several sets, but it's to be expected I assume after 1 year of regular use.