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Anta 1 National Team Competition Training Weightlifting Shoes / Squat Shoes

Regular price $366.66

The first generation of Anta weightlifting shoes, red and yellow, bright and eye-catching. In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Chinese weightlifters wore the same style. Anta named it "tonnage class" weightlifting shoes.

1. Velcro and shoelace design to enhance the stability of the sole of the foot.
2. Anti-microbial insole, reduce the friction of feet and soles, and prevent athlete's foot at the same time.
3. Stable and non-slip, grip and wear-resistant.

As a classic shoe, the inventory quantity is not stable, if you are interested, chat with us, we will check the inventory for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Worth the cost

This is my first weightlifting shoe and I love it! I got this Anta 1 for doing more powerlifting squats and box squats. This is an excellent investment as this shoe’s hard bottom makes all the difference! I highly recommend getting it. It is an expensive shoe but just like any other sports, you need the right shoe for the right purpose.

 Best Weightlifting shoes

The best olympic weightlifting shoes I had were the Adidas from 1970. Twenty years ago I changed to the new Adidas shoe...too tight all over. I returned them. After two more pairs of weightlifting shoes that were returned, I purchased the Anta 1. Good room in the toes and firm fit. These are sturdy for my squats and pulls. These are keepers! Well done, Anta!

Muy buenos!!!

Los uso para hacer sentadilla y peso muerto y me van muy bien.