Klay Role Model Color Matching - Anta Kt8 Starlight

Klay Role Model Color Matching - Anta Kt8 Starlight

In the NBA regular season on February 27, Beijing time, the Warriors beat the Rockets 116-101 at home.

Klay felt hot, scoring 42 points, 7 rebounds and 1 assist on 12 of 17 three-pointers. He has hit 10+ three-pointers in a single game 4 times this season, tying his total in the past 7 seasons.

So far this season, Klay has averaged 4.4 three-pointers per game, setting a career high. Off the court, Curry and Payton couldn't hide their joy.

In this game, Klay continued to pay tribute to Kobe's "starlight" color scheme, Anta KT8.

KT8 "Starlight" is built to pay tribute to Klay Thompson's Role Model Kobe, with star-studded performance and design as its highlights.

The main color of the shoe body is gray, with purple and gold lines outlined. The neckline is made of snake-grain leather, with TPU sandblasting black Mamba color-changing snake pattern, highlighting the "Mamba spirit" that never retreats. On the heel of the sneakers, Thompson's special "K" and the championship ring pattern are printed to encourage fans with "starlight" in their hearts to never hesitate in the dark and move forward bravely.

Klay's four championship rings are printed on the woven label on the left side of the shoe. Klay role model's words "Rings...Rings.. Rings" and "FOREVER ROLEMODEL" are also printed on the label. Inspire Klay to never stop until he reaches the finish line!

The details of the woven label on the right side of the shoe body are engraved with the four championship calendars of the Warriors championship.

After a lapse of 941 days, Klay returned to the game to regain the victory with his own hands and proved to the world that pain is only a trial leading to the peak. Be brave, never shrink back, and finally welcome the great moment of Buddha's light.

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