Collection: Anta Three-Point Rain

Anta Three-Point Rain is equipped with Anta's "Xian Fiber" technology, using environmentally friendly materials, and using a single TPU for precise weaving and multi-layer synthesis, with outstanding air permeability and comfortable foot feel.

The upper is lighter but also stronger and wear-resistant: the upper is 2.6 times stronger than traditional polyester, and the weight of a single shoe is only about 365g, which is 57% less than the weight of a single piece of fly-woven fabric.

In terms of technology, the new shoes have built-in nitroedge technology in the whole palm, which can give the feet fast energy feedback. It is equipped with wrap-around TPU and nylon support pieces to further fit the feet and improve the stability of the shoes. The outsole is cement nemesis outsole, which has enhanced wear resistance coefficient and enhanced grip, especially suitable for outfield ground.

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