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(Custom Sneakers)Anta Three-Point Rain 2 - Cherry Blossoms

(Custom Sneakers)Anta Three-Point Rain 2 - Cherry Blossoms

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    Three points to take everything
    Anta "CUBAL" league same equipment
    Wandering, running, a fatal blow. Inspired by marine life as design, "Anta Three -point Rain 2" arrived lightly. Help the elite pitcher agile running on the court, setting off a three -pointer at any time.

    Anta String Technology: Lightweight upper, strong and wear -resistant and breathable.
    Nitrogen technology midsole: Surging rebound cushioning.
    The bottom -faced "TPU" structure+circular "TPU" fills: the middle foot twist, the side is stable and anti -turning.
    Cement nemesis: high -efficiency, non -slip and wear -resistant

    1. Lightly put on the battlefield
    The same size is 15 grams lighter than the previous generation.
    Lightly equipped with Anta string technology, weaving lightweight upper, taking into account breathability and abrasion resistance, there is no fear of summer hot field.

    2. Light and both
    Integrated surround "TPU"
    It extends from the sole to the shoe body, supports all -round stable support, breakthroughs in full direction, and creates unlimited possibilities for offense.

    3. Sensitive outbreak
    Full palm nitrogen technology
    There is no dead angle configuration at full palm, and the energy feedback is strong and powerful, helping to move more flexible. Run position, take off, shot, precisely hit.

    4. No fear of the field
    Cement neck bottom
    Enhance the abrasion resistance coefficient of the sole and adapt to all kinds of off -field grounds. It is not only a cement nemesis, but also a All -Star outside the field.

    The whole series color scheme, now appeared
    Hidden: Light and transparent like jellyfish, swim in the blue ocean.
    Pink lake: soft pink, bright and eye -catching. Origin from Western Australia "Hete Lall"
    Lionfish: The beautiful pattern taken from the lion fish is low -key and calm, without losing the mighty.

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