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Anta Nast x Salehe Bembury Women's

Anta teamed up with SELEHE BEMBURY to create creative "nest" shoes.

"Nest" shoes use the pioneering concept of natural inspiration to collide with urban life, encourage young people to embrace nature, gain new inspiration and life force outdoors, lead innovative urban outdoor trends, and inject continuous innovation vitality into the brand.

This joint series is made by SALEHE BEMBURY himself. He said that he accidentally captured a photo of a bird breaking its shell in the nest. This momentary movement and color inspired his creativity.

SALEHE BEMBURY said, "The strength of the branch itself is very weak, but the moment it is woven and condensed into a nest, it gains infinite strength." Nest shoes not only have a natural and flexible design, but also bring a comfortable 360-degree package.
Anta Nast x Salehe Bembury Women's Triangle Plum
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