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In terms of appearance design, KT4 adopts an integrated upper and high-top design. The upper design is very smooth, giving people a sense of agility. The upper still uses A-WEB technology, which is breathable and comfortable while having excellent wrapping performance, while effectively reducing the weight of the entire pair of shoes. At the ankle, the wearer also noticeably feels an effective fit that protects the ankle without sacrificing flexibility.

On the side of the KT4, a pair of wings is eye-catching, that is the full-covered TPU side wall of the KT4, which brings better support to the entire pair of shoes. At the same time, the side TPU can also enable the wearer to bring more perfect protection to the wearer's feet when performing large movements such as lateral movement or changing directions.

In terms of cushioning, Anta's top midsole cushioning technology A-FLASHFOAM is used, which is moderately soft and hard, suitable for both on-court and daily wear.

As KT4 designer Robbie Fuller himself said, KT3 and KT4 are a gradual relationship, so many details of KT4 can see the shadow of KT3. For example, the hollow T-shaped TPU on the heel fully releases the flexibility of the ankle during movement, and also reduces external force obstacles when jumping.

From KT1 to KT4, the KT series grew up with Klay and witnessed his achievements one after another. There are many stories behind each generation of KT. The KT series itself has also been continuously upgraded and updated with the times, and has gradually become a world-class sneaker. Finally, I hope that Klay will achieve another success in the new season, and that the KT series will also bring us better works in the future.

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