Collection: Anta Z-UP1

Anta ZUP 1's positioning is very clear, it is to create a pair of all-round basketball shoes that can be used for any position. The woven fabric of the upper is reinforced with the outer heat-melt layer, which is light and breathable while providing good protection.

As a new pair of shoes, Anta's latest "black technology", the HARENESS LINE locking system, is also used on Anta ZUP 1 for the first time.

Outer drawcord with 270° wrap around cinch strap. With a light pull, the package locks in place in one step. Fits almost any foot shape.

The tongue is embellished with ZUP 1's exclusive Logo, the letter Z is designed as a leaping dragon, and the tail is an arrow representing UP, representing the identity of this pair of basketball shoes "designed for "Generation Z" young players."

The interior of the whole pair of shoes is inlaid with Anta's best nitroedge technology cushioning material, which has excellent rebound cushioning performance.

From the perspective of the heel, the hard TPU wraps the outer midsole to provide good support for breakthroughs and landings.

Through the translucent outsole, you can see the internal Y-shaped nylon anti-torsion piece, which covers almost the entire palm, providing good support and a smooth transition between the front and back palms during exercise.

Not only that, in addition to the nylon anti-torsion piece, an additional carbon fiber anti-torsion piece can be seen in the hole of the sole. Although it is a team shoe, this configuration is often a specification only for signature shoes, which can be said to be full of sincerity.

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