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Li Ning Men's EU35/US3.5/UK2.5/CHN210
Li Ning Men's EU36/US4.5/UK3.5/CHN220
Li Ning Men's EU37/US5/UK4/CHN225
Li Ning Men's EU37.5/US5.5/UK4.5/CHN230
Li Ning Men's EU38/US6/UK5/CHN235
Li Ning Men's EU39/US6.5/UK5.5/CHN240
Li Ning Men's EU39.5/US7/UK6/CHN245
Li Ning Men's EU40/US7.5/UK6.5/CHN250
Li Ning Men's EU41/US8/UK7/CHN255
Li Ning Men's EU41.5/US8.5/UK7.5/CHN260
Li Ning Men's EU42/US9/UK8/CHN265
Li Ning Men's EU43/US9.5/UK8.5/CHN270
Li Ning Men's EU43.5/US10/UK9/CHN275
Li Ning Men's EU44/US10.5/UK9.5/CHN280
Li Ning Men's EU45/US11/UK10/CHN285
Li Ning Men's EU45.5/US11.5/UK10.5/CHN290
Li Ning Men's EU46/US12/UK11/CHN295
Li Ning Men's EU47/US12.5/UK11.5/CHN300
Li Ning Men's EU47.5/US13/UK12/CHN305

Li Ning Women's EU35/US5/UK2.5/CHN215
Li Ning Women's EU35.5/US5.5/UK3/CHN220
Li Ning Women's EU36/US6/UK3.5/CHN225
Li Ning Women's EU37/US6.5/UK4/CHN230
Li Ning Women's EU37.5/US7/UK4.5/CHN235
Li Ning Women's EU38/US7.5/UK5/CHN240
Li Ning Women's EU39/US8/UK5.5/CHN245
Li Ning Women's EU39.5/US8.5/UK6/CHN250
Li Ning Women's EU40/US9/UK6.5/CHN255

Anta Men's EU39/US6.5/CHN245
Men's EU40/US7/CHN250
Men's EU40.5/US7.5/CHN250
Men's EU41/US8/CHN255
Anta Men's EU42/US8.5/CHN260
Men's EU42.5/US9/CHN265
Men's EU43/US9.5/CHN270
Men's EU44/US10/CHN270
Anta Men's EU44.5/US10.5/CHN275
Men's EU45/US11/CHN280
Men's EU45.5/US11.5/CHN285
Anta Men's EU46/US12/CHN290
Anta Men's EU47/US12.5/CHN295

Rigorer EU39/US6.5/250MM
Rigorer EU40/US7/255MM
Rigorer EU41/US8/260MM
Rigorer EU42/US9/265MM
Rigorer EU43/US9.5/270MM
Rigorer EU44/US10/275MM
Rigorer EU45/US11/285MM
Rigorer EU46/US12/290MM
Rigorer EU47/US13/300MM
Rigor EU48/US14/305MM
Rigorer EU49/US14.5/310MM
Rigorer EU50/US15/320MM

361° EU37/US5.5/UK4.5/CHN235
361° EU38/US6/UK5/CHN240
361° EU39/US6.5/UK5.5/CHN245
361° EU40/US7/UK6/CHN250
361° EU41/US8/UK7/CHN255
361° EU42/US8.5/UK7.5/CHN260
361° EU43/US9/UK8/CHN265
361° EU44/US10/UK9/CHN270
361° EU45/US10.5/UK9.5/CHN275
361° EU46/US11/UK10/CHN280
361° EU47/US12/UK11/CHN285
361° EU48/US12.5/UK11.5/CHN290