Collection: Li Ning Sonic 10

Li-Ning’s “Beng” midsole flick technology is fast and neat, making you one step faster
Equipped with Li Ning's "Beng" midsole flick technology, which effectively alleviates the impact when landing and provides lightweight rebound. The "Beng" launch injects a surging foot feel at the moment of activation, quickly and neatly improving sports performance.

PROBAR LOC stabilization device provides solid support for smooth fighting
The PROBAR LOC stabilizing device is embedded in the arch of the midsole and connects the forefoot and heel to provide support and protection, stabilize the movement gait, and make full use of emergency stops and changes of direction.

BOOM FIBER technology creates a light foot feel
The upper uses BOOM FIBER technology, which integrates lightness, toughness and durability. It can easily handle high-intensity competitions, is comfortable, breathable, agile and free, and can attack smoothly on the court.

Integrated woven upper design, fit and package, confident to attack
Comfortably wraps the ankle to reduce the risk of eversion and provide firm support for the ankle.

TUFF RB rubber outsole creates strong traction
The TUFF RB wear-resistant rubber outsole greatly enhances the friction with the ground and can easily cope with actual outfield combat.

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