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Anta Men's Life Series Jelly Low White/Black/Red

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With the bull as the main image, it means the coming year of the ox in the Chinese zodiac. It is bullish, with ingots and koi, wishing life will be smooth sailing and all wishes come true. STASH classic splash ink graffiti expresses that if you want to create good paintings, you must be focused and passionate. Perseverance implies that you must maintain this kind of artistic creation spirit, passion, and persistence. The design of the transparent outsole is inspired by Anta's classic running shoe technology. Anta Elastic Glue Technology incorporates the transparent appearance of jelly into elastic materials. Forming classic technical materials with visual transparency, Anta designers use the current popular deconstruction design techniques to retain the visual transparency of elastic glue technology, and at the same time integrate the rubber materials developed by Anta to create a new style of shoes and new fashion Anta jelly shoes. With the overall shoe color, the shoelace wrapping design is carried out, which is harmonious and full of design.